Monday, January 1, 2018

I'm Not Afraid of Damn Robots

I was in my early twenties when the Internet really took off. In 2007 I noticed everyone was watching videos on YouTube and a new era of stalking crushes began for me. It was an exciting time and it was only ten years ago.

A lot has changed since then and a lot hasn't changed. I'm addicted to my phone but what I don't like to admit is the reason I can't turn away from it is because it's fantastic. GPS. Netflix. Snap Chat...My apps are a mirror to my soul and I want everyone to see me.

I for one am honored to be in the inarguable generation of a new chapter of civilization. When I stop to think about what is at the end of our age-when I wonder what irreversible things The Tech Revolution will bring to this Earth-I feel terrified and excited. The world was never the same after the train, and then, with even quicker acceptance, the automobile, so what fresh inventions lay await and will change the world I live in today? It's going to be great.

People talk about robots on the news. Phone commercials are promoted as "AI technology ready"... but what does that mean? Artificial intelligence ready? When I hear AI I think of The Terminator, man-killing robots, an impending doom. Hollywood never made a movie about AI that wasn't scary so now that I'm getting hints that AI is going to live in my pocket I have more questions. 

I'm listening to ads lately and I'm hearing new terms. They are oft-repeated, popping up on tv and in news reports. Bio tech. Net neutrality. The singularity. The cloud. Siri and Alexa. Sex Robots. We're going to need a bigger boat.

But do we though?

It's easy to be weary of human/machine co-habitation because movies like the Terminator paint a dystopian world but that was a movie. That's one persons version of what will happen when our technology gets smarter, or, too smart.

I think that there is never going to be a great calamity of humans and technology, as predicted. All the projections of Armageddon, Judgment Day or whatever will not come to pass and our true destiny as humans is continuing to live unabated, untroubled, for eternity, passing our eras with a never ending fear annihilation. Technology is not going to destroy us it's going to teach us how to make ourselves indestructible so let's lean into it.

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